Nursing Training College

The Swiss Missionaries established the college in March 1936. They started with a two-year practical training for nurses. The training was however interrupted during the Second World War in 1939 and was Re-opened in 1945.Nursing Training College

In 1950 it started the Qualified Registered Nursing course (QRN) in line with the standard set by the Nurses' Board of Gold Coast. The Nurses' Training College, thus the Concentrated State Registered Nursing (SRN) course started from 1966 - 1968.

The straight SRN started in 1972 and ended in 2001. The Enrolled Nursing Course was being run concurrently with these programmes from 1967 to 1983. The College is currently training students for the Diploma in General Nursing Course.

The institution admits both males and females and currently has a population of two hundred and fifty two (252) students. The population is likely to increase for subsequent years.

The institution is under the Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG) and trains nurses for CHAG, Private and Government institutions. Upon the recommendation of CHAG, it became and Ecumenical enterprise in 1972 and ended in 1988. The college is currently for the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.


"Achieve academic excellence and effective health care rendered to the people living in Ghana"

Institutional Mission is to "Train quality nurses as Ambassadors for Health" Purpose of the institution.
a) To provide the nation with sufficient number of quality and well motivated nurses.
b) To train ambassadors for Christ.


(i) The College is one of the seven constituent institutions of
Ashanti-Akyem Presbyterian Health Services, headed by the General Manager.

The College is headed by the Principal assisted by the Vice Principal. The Principal reports to the General Manager.

Under the Area, Board is the Internal Management Committee with the Head of the institution as a member and has the General Manager as the Chairperson.

c) The Area Board meets Quarterly.
d) The Internal Management Committee meets twice a month.