The Mission Statement of the Hospital is:

"To reach all manner of persons, especially the poor and needy, with the Good News of Jesus Christ through the provision of affordable and holistic medical care of the best possible quality in obedience to the biblical imperative: "Heal the sick who are there and tell them: 'The Kingdom of God is near' (Luke 10:9)"

From very modest beginnings, the hospital has grown to become the second largest hospital in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, a referral centre for many hospitals far and near and, undoubtedly, a leading mission hospital in the country.  Though officially designated as a district hospital, its size, range of service provision and service outputs easily place it in the category of regional hospitals. 

The specialized care in surgery, ophthalmology, paediatrics and obstetrics/gynaecology provided by the hospital attracts patients not only from all parts of Ghana but also from the neighbouring countries of Burkina Faso, Togo and La Cote d'Ivoire.

Within the last ten years (1997-2006), Agogo Presbyterian Hospital has recorded the following service outputs:  703,190 outpatient attendances, 75,092 admissions, 35,330 major and minor surgeries, 10,478 deliveries, 762,699 laboratory investigations and 25,583 x-ray investigations.

Within this same period, the hospital has undergone some major infrastructural improvements notable amongst which are: 

  • Extension, rehabilitation and equipping of main operating theatre;
  • Rehabilitation and equipping of children's ward;
  • Construction of kitchen, toilets and bathrooms for mothers of children on admission;
  • Rehabilitation of Maternity Block;
  • Rehabilitation, extension and equipping of laboratory department;
  • Establishment of a Pharmacy Production Unit for the manufacture of intravenous fluids and face-lifting of the main Dispensary, including computerization;
  • Rehabilitation of Eye Clinic including provision of additional consulting rooms and a dispensary
  • Construction of a three-storey Guest House containing three apartments with four bedrooms each;
  • Construction of a Mortuary with capacity for eighty-six bodies;
  • Acquisition of one additional 65 KVA standby generating plant;
  • Acquisition of a 800 KVA Transformer;
  • Acquisition of a new Siemens X-ray Unit.

All these, amongst other developmental efforts, have helped position Agogo Presbyterian Hospital to effectively play its multiple roles as:

  • An accredited facility for the training of House Officers and Residents in three specialities as well as Doctors training to specialize in ophthalmology and       Housemen in Pharmacy;
  • A designated centre in West Africa for the training of health staff in the management of buruli ulcer.
  • One of eight selected sites in Africa for the clinical trial of the RTS, S malaria vaccine candidate developed by GSK Biologicals in partnership with PATH    Malaria Vaccine Initiative;
  • A clinical electives site for several local and foreign medical students every year;
  • The designated teaching hospital for the up-coming medical school of the Presbyterian University College.

So, in a nutshell, this is Agogo Presbyterian Hospital.  Our doors are open to any individual, institution or organization wishing to collaborate with us to our mutual benefit.

Thank you.