(i) Established:- 21st March, 1931 (Oldest Mission hospital in Ghana)


(ii) Catchment Area:- Ashanti-Akim North Municipality with a Population of 170,882. However, patients all over Ghana and neighbouring countries of Togo, La Cote d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso comes to the hospital especially for the ophtalmological care.


(iii) Bed Complement:- 250 (233 are currently in use)


(iv) Staffing Position (As at 31-12-2016)

        Staff Category

  • Doctors (including 7 Specialists, 7 House Officers , 8 Medical Officers and 3 Residents) – 25
  • Physician Assistants (Medical) – 4
  • General Nurses – 103
  • Midwives – 22
  • Auxiliary Nurses  –  40
  • Pharmacists (including 2 interns) – 6
  • Pharmacy Technicians – 12
  • Biomedical Scientists – 6
  • Technical Officers (Laboratory) – 2
  • Technical Officers (X-Ray) – 2
  • Nurses Anaesthetist – 5
  • Optometrist  – 1
  • Physiotherapist – 1
  • Others  – 207

TOTAL – 437                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


(v) Services Provided:- Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Child Health, Obstetrics/Gynaecology, Ultrasonography, Ophthalmology, Electrocardiography, Physiotherapy, Laboratory Investigations, Blood Transfusion, X-Ray Investigations, HIV/AIDS (VCT, ART, PMTCT), Special Sickle Cell Clinic, Special Diabetic Clinic, Special Hypertensive Clinic, Special TB Clinic, Pharmacy (with Infusion Production Unit), Morgue Services


(vi) Status:

(a)  Municipal Hospital, Ashanti-Akim North

(b)  Accredited for: Housemanship Training in Surgery, Paediatrics and Obstetrics/Gynaecology; Diploma in Ophthalmology programme for Doctors; Ophthalmic Nursing Training; Training of Residents in Surgery and Paediatrics

(c)  Designated as Collaborating Centre for the University of Ghana School of Public Health

(d)  Training Centre for Buruli Ulcer Treatment

(e)  Baby Friendly Hospital

(f)   MOH/WHO designated centre for training in the surgical management of buruli ulcer

(g)  One of two sites in Ghana and eight sites in Africa for Malaria Vaccine Trial


(vi) Existing Facilities:

(a) Inpatients Department (Wards): Medical Ward (male and female) 28 beds; Maternity Ward 28 beds; Surgical Ward (male & female) 14 beds; Children’s Ward 50 beds; Ward “U” (Ulcer) 20 beds; Eye Ward (Male & Female) 28 beds; Isolation Ward 9 beds; Casualty Ward 29 beds; Special Ward (Ward “A”) 3 beds; Intensive Care Unit 6 beds; Nursery 7 beds; Labour 8 beds.   TOTAL BEDS 223 beds

(b) Outpatients Department (OPD) General Has four (4) Consulting Rooms each partitioned into two for two (2) Doctors to consult at the same time in privacy. OPD Eye – has four (4) Consulting Rooms and an Optical wing.

(c) Operating Theater (d) Pathological and Research Laboratory